Clutch lining-disc replaces OEM part used in Walterscheid K92, K92D, K92Z, K92/4, K92/4D, K92/4Z, K92/6D and K92/6Z clutch assembly. 150mm- 5.91 outside diameter, 91mm- 3.58 inch inside diameter. K92, K92D and K92Z use 2 per clutch assembly, K92/4, K92/4D and K92/4Z use 4 per clutch assembly & K92/6D & K92/6Z use 6 per clutch assembly.

Item#: WFD-153
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Net Weight (lbs)


Inside Diameter

3.58", 91 mm

Outer Diameter

5.91", 150mm


Slip Disc



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