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Air cleaner element. Tractors: B4200, B5200 (all), B6100 (all), B6100DT, B6100HST, B6200 (all), B6200HST, B7100 (all), B7100DT, B7100HST, B7200 (all), B7200HST, B8200 (all), B8200HST, F2000 (all), F2100 (all), L175, L185, L185DT, L225, L225DT, L235, L245 (all), L245DT, L245H, L245HC, L260H (with 21 hp or 24 hp engine), L275, L2050 (all), L2350 (all). Replaces 15222-11222. 7.25 inch high, 3.27 inchO.D.
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Interchange 12146512510,121465-12510,1269652C1,1269652C2,15221-11220,1522211220,15222-11220,1522211221,15222-11224,15227-11220,15321-11220,15328-11220,15501-11080,15501-11220,15562-11080,1804507M91,1804507M92,1921511220,247060,3281825M1,3281825M2,42031932,420-31932,6780058300,67800-58300,7000011221,70246364,70247060,72097407,86512886,896942,897063B,897064,A86512886,A-86512886,CH15451,D82571,E9NN9601CA,PA1865FN,PA1865-FN
Net Weight (lbs) 0.73
Brand Baldwin
Make Type Model
Bobcat Skidsteer Loader 310
Bobcat Skidsteer Loader 313
Bobcat Skidsteer Loader 542B
Case Loader 4125
Case Loader 4130
Case Skidsteer Loader 1816
Case Skidsteer Loader 1816B
Case Skidsteer Loader 1816C
Case Skidsteer Loader 1818
Case Skidsteer Loader 1825
Case Skidsteer Loader 1825B
Ford-New Holland Tractor 1110
Ford-New Holland Tractor 1120
Ford-New Holland Tractor 1210
Ford-New Holland Tractor 1215
Ford-New Holland Tractor 1220
Ford-New Holland Tractor 1310
Ford-New Holland Tractor 1510
Kubota Tractor B4200
Kubota Tractor B5200
Kubota Tractor B6100
Kubota Tractor B6200
Kubota Tractor B7100
Kubota Tractor B7200
Kubota Tractor B8200
Kubota Tractor F2000
Kubota Tractor F2100
Kubota Tractor L175
Kubota Tractor L185
Kubota Tractor L2050
Kubota Tractor L225
Kubota Tractor L235
Kubota Tractor L2350
Kubota Tractor L245
Kubota Tractor L260
Kubota Tractor L275
Kubota Tractor L335

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