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05089: Brakleen® Brake Parts Cleaner, 19 Wt Oz - Corry, PA - CRC Industries  | Global Supplier of Chemical Specialty Products

Here’s why Br?kleen® is the #1 selling brand of brake cleaner worldwide:

 Most Powerful Formula

CRC Br?kleen® Brake Parts Cleaner is our original and most powerful formula. It uses a potent solvent that cleans and dries fast to remove contaminants and leaves no residue. The strength of the formula means it requires very little dwell time to break down grease and grime in your brake systems. The high-quality and fast-acting features of this cleaning solution combine to deliver a brake cleaning experience that customers prefer.

Effective Brake Cleaning

Brake systems parts are among the auto parts that require the most frequent cleaning. Grease, brake dust, fluid, and oils accumulate over time and can cause premature wear and lower brake performance. The powerful formula restores brake performance and eliminates squeaks and squeals. It uses a carbon dioxide propellant and will not corrode components. It is designed for the ABS, brake disc, brake drum and cylinders, linings, calipers, brake shoes, clutch discs, brake pads, and more.

Simple to Use, Easy to See Results

Using Br?kleen® is simple and effective. Just spray from about two feet away and let the solvent do its job. The formula is non-flammable and is safe to use on all components of your brake system. Avoid applying to plastic or rubber parts, and always be sure to wear gloves when using the product. Br?kleen® comes in a 19-ounce aerosol can and is available for use in 48 states. Get rid of dirt, oils, grease, and other contaminants using CRC Br?kleen® Brake Parts Cleaner. CRC is the #1 brand in brake cleaner worldwide, with years of experience providing safe, reliable products.

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