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A Closer Look at KX7 Concaves

MaxThresh™ & MaxRound™ — the Perfect Pair

KX7 MaxThresh concaves deliver a better, faster thresh than large-wire or small-wire concaves. This comes from the angled-bar design that meets the crop head on. This is more aggressive than traditional concaves, while our laser cladding additive both protects from wear and rounds the edge to soften contact. By placing MaxThresh assemblies in the frontmost positions, you’ll achieve earlier threshing that allows for more separation as your crop flows through the chamber.

KX7 MaxRound concaves also feature an angled-bar design to offer some threshing, though their main function is separation. They’ve proven very effective in preventing plugging, which in turn lowers rotor loss. With heat-treated bars, MaxRound concaves will not only outperform, but outlast traditional round-bar concaves. MaxRound assemblies should always be placed behind MaxThresh concaves to maximize separation.

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