NTN BEARING CORP OF AMERICASKU: 2631-DS214TTR3 | Minimum Purchase Quantity: 1

Used on Ezeeon 1225 & 4600 Replaces DG38. Used on Wilrich models 612N, 642N, 714NT, 742NT, 812N, 814NT, 816NT, 842N, 842NT, 862N, 862NT Replaces 1102-214. 
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Interchange 2631DS214TTR3,
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Brand NTN

NTN Disc Bearing

Spherical Outer Ring / Greasable

NTN-BCA® heavy duty disc bearings are equipped with rugged triple lip seals bonded to heavy gauge steel trash guard shields. These bearings are designed for applications which are exposed to severe contamination such as: Disc Harrows, Disc Hillers and Trenching Machinery. the shields are crimped into outer ring grooves having a saw tooth gripping (STG) surface which securely holds the seals in place. The nylon case in disc bearings not only resists water, but also has the flexibility to tolerate misalignment. Specially selected bearing quality allow steel provides extra resistance to shock loads. NTN-BCA® disc bearings are available with spherical or cylindrical outside diameters and with bores designed to accommodate either round or square shafting. Both re-lubricatable and non-re-lubricatable types are available. Heavy duty disc bearings are sealed on both sides by a rugged Vanguard “T” triple lip seal. This triple lip seal has an extra thick outer lip for greater protection and longer life. The heavy duty trash guard is chemically treated to resist pitting and corrosion. the thick ring sections of these bearings are well suited to resist shock loads

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